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IQOS Creation Apricity (1 Block = 10 Packs)

Taste: Creamy Flavor
Compatible: IQOS devices only.

Price on request


IQOS has an ideology of removing the harmful effects of regular cigarettes. They have created a great alternative that does not burn tobacco. The device can lightly heat the tobacco to produce vapors. These vapors are enough to curb nicotine cravings. You will not get injurious effects of grey smoke. There is also no ash produced during the process. The tobacco used in HEETS sticks is of the finest quality. A perfect blend of various flavors with high-quality tobacco is best for people who want to quit smoking. Always use these IQOS Heets Creation Apricity sticks with a specially designed device.

Creation Apricity Flavor of Heet Stick 

IQOS Creation Apricity Label HEETS in Dubai has velvety creamy notes of tobacco. The shades of flavors are quite distinct. You will get rich and soft hints of tobacco. The orange sticks have a fruity aroma and warm taste. You will feel woody notes of tobacco in the starting puffs. The fruity creamy warmness will deliver when you exhale. It is a perfect flavor for regular use.  

Contents of the Products

The pack of Apricity Flavor HEETS contains 20 sticks. You can easily order a full block from our website. The block has 10 packs which you can use on regular basis. A single sleek Heet stick has 6.1 gm tobacco. It can deliver 14 puffs for 6 minutes. 

Special Features of the Product

The flavors are innovative and best for people who want to switch from regular cigarettes. The warmness and creaminess of the puffs will keep you engaged during the session. It is easier to quit smoking with this flavor.

Our Delivery Policy

You can get your Apricity Flavor Selection of Heets Sticks in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain Ajman, Fujairah and all over the UAE through our website. We can deliver your desired HEETS flavors on the same day if the order is placed before 5 pm in Dubai. The order from other emirates takes one day to deliver.

Why Choose Us

We have all the new and old flavors in stock. You can get genuine products of IQOS from one website. Our customer care representatives are friendly and cooperative. The delivery of the products is smooth and quick.

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