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IQOS Creation Noor

Taste: Nutty Flavors and Citrus Spark
Compatible: IQOS devices only.

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It is now easy to fulfill nicotine cravings more healthily. IQOS has spent a decade creating an unmatchable device for tobacco. This has replaced the unhealthy and cancer-causing cigarettes all over the world. The habitual smokers are now switching to IQOS Heets Dubai because they contain real tobacco. This device generates vapors of tobacco that can be inhaled without smoke. There is no ash generated which makes the option sophisticated. There are multiple flavors of Heets available at our online store in Dubai. You can go through the selection and details about the flavors. We also sell and deliver devices. 

The flavor of IQOS Heets Creation Noor Sticks 

Creation Noor Sticks HEETS in Dubai is an amazing blend of warm and velvety notes of tobacco with nutty flavors and citrus spark. This product will keep you amazed while you get different hints during puffs. These were created to provide a creamy ending of tobacco that can satisfy nicotine cravings easily.

What Is In the Product 

We will send you a block of this product. A complete block contains 10 packs and each pack has 20 heets. You will have a full stock of this flavor for a long time. Every heets stick has 6.1 gm of tobacco which is the same as a regular cigarette. These creation heets are compatible with every IQOS device available at our store. A single heets sticks will last for 6 minutes with 14 regular puffs.

How the Flavor Is Different

You will not get the sparks of citrus and nutty notes from conventional cigarettes or liquids. This flavor was created with care to keep a perfect balance between the bitterness of tobacco and the aroma of spicy herbs. The beautiful sleet design of the product can be used in both casual and formal gatherings. 

Our Delivery Policy 

We deliver IQOS Heets Creation Noor Sticks in Dubai, Al Ain, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, Sharjah, Ajman, and other emirates. You can get your special edition at your doorstep on the same day if your order was placed on our website before 5 pm in Dubai. We offer next-day doorstep delivery for an order that is placed after 5 pm or from other emirates of the UAE. 

Why Choose Us

We have a full stock of genuine Heets sticks. All the products are imported from the USA. We keep our store full of flavors so you can try your desired Heets product. Our customer care service is always available. We provide the best delivery service in Dubai for IQOS products.

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