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IQOS Creation Glaze

Taste: Fresh and Creamy Flavor
IQOS devices only.

Price on request


A special device designed by IQOS for smoking is a healthier alternative to cigarettes. The company spent decades creating a better solution for habitual smokers. It does not release cancer-causing grey smoke or ash. The fumes of tobacco are generated which can fulfill your nicotine requirements. IQOS products are available in Dubai and UAE at IQHEE online store. We deal with imported and genuine products. You can buy all the flavors of HEETS sticks including limited edition ones. The flavors are created to satisfy your nicotine craving and don't let you get bored with traditional hints. Ex-smokers have recommended this alternative to people who want to quit cigarettes. 

The flavor of IQOS Creation Glaze Heet Stick 

IQOS Creation Glaze HEETS in Dubai has a fresh and creamy flavor. You feel a great combination of aromatic herbs merging with fresh spices. The soft creamy ending will keep you indulged in the sensation of tobacco. Original tobacco will satisfy your body's nicotine demand. These limited edition heets sticks are recommended by many ex-smokers who are trying new flavors. 

About the Creation Glaze Heets 

The pack of IQOS Creation Glaze HEETS contains 20 sticks. We deliver a full block of this flavor which has 10 packs. This means you can enjoy 200 aromatic creamy heets. We also have devices in stock if you want to upgrade. The session of these heets will easily last for 6 minutes. You can enjoy the amazing aroma of herbs and the tanginess of tobacco with 14 puffs. Around 6.1 gm tobacco is present in a single heet. 

Silent Features of the Product 

These limited edition sticks were created by masters. They are trying to keep the habitual smokers engage with various flavors. You can never get bored with so many options of IQOS Heets available at our online store in Dubai, UAE. 

Our Delivery Policy 

We deliver IQOS Creation Glaze HEETS in Dubai, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, and other emirates. You can get your Creation Glaze pack on the same day in Dubai upon placing an order from our website before 5 pm. People who are ordering from other emirates can get the products the next day.

Why Us for IQOS 

We at IQHEE, are always here to provide your desired IQOS products on time. We believe in quick customer care and prompt delivery. All the products are genuine and imported from the USA. We always keep Heets in stock so you can refill your stash instantaneously.

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