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IQOS Creation Yugen

Taste: Fruity Aroma Combined with Floral Hints and Nutty Notes
IQOS devices only.

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IQOS has spent a decade to create a flavorful and healthier alternative for habitual smokers. It is now easy to quit cigarettes with the help of IQOS devices and heets sticks. We are here to serve you with all the Heets flavors and products in Dubai, UAE. We also deliver in other emirates from our online shop. You can easily get all the limited edition flavors on our website. Complete stock of IQOS Creation Yugen Heets sticks is available at a reasonable price.

Amazing Flavor of IQOS Creation Yugen Heets Stick 

Creation Yugen Label HEETS in Dubai is an amazing limited edition version. You can enjoy a high-end blend of premium tobaccos. The flavor will take you on a journey of sparking notes. A delightful fruity aroma combined with floral hints and nutty notes is worth trying. You can easily cut down on regular cigarettes by using this great creation. This product has become a prime choice for several habitual smokers. 

Constituents of the Product

You will get a block of 10 packs. A single pack contains 20 sticks. If you order this product from our online store you will get 200 Heets sticks at a very affordable price. The company has sealed and filled the tobacco in these sticks. A single stick has around 0.5 mg of nicotine that is almost equal to regular cigarettes. The session will last for 6 minutes with 14 flavorful puffs. 

What's New About This Flavor

The creation of this product was done by keeping habitual smokers in mind. You do not have to try the same flavor again and again. A huge variety of Heets sticks will keep you indulged in a healthier nicotine intake without smoke or ash. The creaminess of high-quality tobacco and floral aroma will sensitize your imaginations. 

Our Delivery Policy 

We deliver this amazing flavor of IQOS Heets in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain, and other emirates. You can place an order for the Creation Yugen Heets block before 5 pm in Dubai and get it the same day. We also offer next-day prompt delivery services for orders after 5 pm. 

Why Choose IQHEE in UAE 

We have a huge variety of Heets flavors available all the time. Our store never goes out of stock. All the limited edition Heets like IQOS Creation Yugen are readily available. We keep our staff at your service all the time. Our doorstep delivery is hassle-free.

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