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IQOS Heets Marlboro Purple Menthol

The smoke-free and ash-free substitute for cigarettes is a blessing. It is now easy to get rid of harmful nicotine. You can buy IQOS devices in Dubai with heets sticks. They give the same pleasure as regular cigarettes without any harm. The risk is 90 percent eliminated due to the no burning process. The tobacco inside the heets sticks is heated up to a certain temperature. This produces the vapors that are enough to curb your tobacco cravings. You don't have to carry a lighter or go outside to get a hit. The device can be used indoors because it does not release smoke or ash. You can order Marlboro Purple Menthol from our online store.

AED 299


Marlboro Purple Menthol Flavor of Heet Stick 

Marlboro Purple Menthol Heets in Dubai is an exceptional blend. The rich and hard tones of tobacco are refined with menthol flavors. You will get fresh vibes after smoking this. There is no bitterness or overpowering of menthol. The flavor is perfectly balanced by the company to give original feelings of cigarettes. 

What this IQOS Product Contains 

The single pack of this product contains 20 sticks. You can place an order of a block from our website. The complete cartridge has teen packs which means you will get 200 sticks. The freshness of tobacco remains intact due to compact filling. You will get around 0.5 mg of nicotine when you smoke one menthol heets stick. A 6-minute session with 14 puffs will make you satisfied for sure. 

Details About the Product

This product is intended to provide a healthier alternative to smoking. It may look like a mini cigarette but the content is almost the same as regular cigarettes. You will get the same amount of tobacco and nicotine. This product is classy and smoke-free. You can inhale your puffs indoors without disturbing the surroundings. 

Our Delivery Policy 

We deliver Marlboro Purple Menthol Heets Sticks in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain, and other emirates. The process of the order is quite easy. If you place your order before 5 pm in Dubai our delivery guy will bring it the same day. You will get your product the next day if the order was placed after 5 pm or from other emirates of the UAE. 

Why Choose IQHEE in UAE 

Our stock is fresh and imported. We make sure that our customers get the premium quality. Our turnover of inventory is high which is why rates are affordable and the contents are fresh. Our delivery service is prompt and hassle-free. We have an amazing team of customer care representatives to assist you.

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