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IQOS Heets Yugen Dimensions

Taste: Fresh Chords of Aromatic Herbs and Floral Tinge
IQOS devices only.

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IQOS is an innovative company that has created a great alternative to harmful cigarettes. They have developed a great device to produce nicotine fumes without smoke and ash. This will help the habitual smokers in quitting the bad habit. The tobacco used in the device is original. You can have a perfect match of flavors to curb the nicotine cravings. There are multiple options of strong and mild flavors. It is easier to try and find your favorite one. We also deliver accessories and IQOS devices at reasonable rates. Always use IQOS Heets Yugen Dimensions Sticks in a specially designed device.

Yugen Dimensions Flavor of IQOS Heets Stick

This flavor is voted as the best-limited edition product by several habitual smokers. It is something completely new that you haven't tried before. Fresh chords of aromatic herbs and floral tinge will keep you amazed. You will feel the fruity tones with the creaminess of tobacco.

Product Contents

The IQOS Heets Yugen Dimensions pack comes with 20 sticks. You will get a block from our website which has 200 heets stick. This will keep you in-stock for a long time. You can easily enjoy this limited-edition flavor as per your desire. A single heets stick will give you 14 puffs for 6 minutes. Each stick has around 6.1 gm of original tobacco that will keep your cravings under control. 

Various Features of the Product

IQOS Heets Yugen Dimensions will take you on a new journey of tobacco flavors. The carefully crafted sleek sticks can be used in formal and casual gatherings. You can enjoy the class and stylish feel of this new way of tobacco smoking with grace. The compact size of the device and heets makes them easy to carry around. 

Our Delivery Policy 

We deliver limited edition Yugen Dimensions Heets Sticks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Sharjah, Al Ain Ajman, and other emirates. You can get your product in Dubai on the same day by ordering before 5 pm. In other emirates, we provide prompt next day delivery without any hassle. 

Why Select Us in UAE

Yugen Dimensions Heets sticks are genuine products that contain original tobacco. We import IQOS products from the USA for our customers. We are always here to provide you limited edition Heets. We don’t go out of stock like other online stores. Our rates are extremely reasonable.

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