Everything You Need To Know About The HEETS

Everything You Need To Know About The HEETS

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Nowadays, there are many options on the market for smokers. Their choices aren’t just limited to conventional cigarettes or vapes; they also have another option, which is the HEET.

Marketed by its manufacturers [Philip Morris International] as neither a cigarette nor a vaping device, the HEET offers a tobacco experience more than the conventional cigarette. Moreover, it produces fewer or lesser toxic chemicals that are produced in conventional tobacco.

So what should you know about HEETS? Well, here is everything you need to know about the IQOS HEETS.

What are IQOS HEETS?

HEETS, also known as tobacco sticks, are specially designed sticks that are intended for exclusive use with IQOS heat not burn technology to release vapor. HEETS can be purchased from various locations in the US, the UK, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, or online.

HEETS come in eight variants available from fresh tobacco blend to classic. Each pack has twenty tobacco sticks. It is believed that IQOS HEET is 95% less dangerous to the user’s health than traditional cigarettes.

Apparently, this is because the IQOS heats and does not burn the tobacco in each HEET. This makes it produce fewer cancer-causing chemicals. This means that HEETS can be used as a safe alternative to smoking. Of course, this is good news.

In addition to that, a HEET experience offers about the same duration as that of smoking a traditional cigarette. Each session can last up to six minutes or 14 puffs per HEET, depending on how you puff.

What is inside HEET?

The HEET is specially designed to deliver a steady tobacco experience. The tobacco is organized and condensed so that just the correct amount touches the heading blade located inside the IQOS holder. The vapor released is then passed through a cooling plug, which cools down the vapor, making the temperature just correct.

How do IQOS HEETS work?

The IQOS HEETS are simple to use, and they also have a simple design. They always deliver a unique consistent tobacco experience.  To use the IQOS HEET, the user inserts the HEET into the IQOS holder, where it is heated evenly up to 350° C. The user can then draw on it to enjoy the vapor.  When the heated tobacco is over, the user will remove it from the holder and get rid of it.

How to improve the quality of HEETS

If you feel like your HEET is not producing enough vapors as it should, then you may consider the following tips to improve its quality.

  • Ensure that your holder and the heating blade are always clean.
  • Insert the cartridge after you heat the holder. When heated, the blade should go through the tobacco easily.
  • Try and rub the tobacco part just a little with your fingers. You should do this carefully so as not to break it.
  • You can blow into the cartridge from the side of the tobacco.
  • When smoking already, pull out the cartridge, turn it 90 degrees to any side and insert again. This will work wonders.

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